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Minority Stories: Statelessness: Sub-Saharan Africa

Published: 24/Oct/2017
Source: Minority Rights Group

The communities within Africa most at risk of statelessness are similar to those in other continents: the descendants of people who migrated to the country before independence; ethnic groups whose pre-colonial boundaries cross modern borders, including the many millions of…

Central Africa

Cameroun: Extrême-Nord – PNUD : 17 000 actes de naissance remis aux populations

Published: 17/Nov/2017
Source: CN Chateau News

Fruit d’une coopération entre le PNUD et le MINFOPRA, cette cérémonie de remise des actes de naissance s’est déroulée le vendredi 10 Novembre dernier à Maroua en présence des principaux bénéficiaires. Ils sont bien heureux, les nouveaux bénéficiaires d’acte de naissance, souvent considéré comme le…

East Africa

North Africa

Morocco’s stateless children

Published: 2/Nov/2017
Source: Euronews / Oliver Roy

By Oliver Roy There are many people around the world that are born and die without leaving any official trace of their existence. They are ghosts in their own country; unaccounted for, unidentifiable and hidden. The lack of functional civil…

Southern Africa

Zimbabwe: BVR Diaries: Issue of regularising citizenship clarified

Published: 19/Nov/2017
Source: Bulawayo24 / Zimbabwe Peace Project

by Stephen Jakes The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) has received reports especially from mining towns and farming communities where people who have their origins in some countries in Southern Africa in particular Zambia and Malawi are failing to regularise their…

West Africa

Sénégal / Etat-civil : 30 % des Sénégalais n’ont pas de papiers

Published: 6/Nov/2017
Source: Senego

M. Diop a fait ce rappel, ce samedi, en marge d’un concours de plaidoyer sur le thème de l’apatridie. L’objectif est d’impliquer les universités dans la sensibilisation. Seulement 70 % de la population sénégalaise sont enregistrés dans les registres d’état…