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Central Africa

Démographie : la biométrie introduite à l’état civil au Congo

Published: 6/Oct/2021
Source: Agence d'information d'Afrique Centrale

Le document de politique nationale de réforme et de modernisation de l’état civil au Congo, qui introduit la biométrie au cours du recensement, a été validé, le 6 octobre à Brazzaville, à l’issue d’un atelier dirigé par le ministre de…

East Africa

Kenya: Huduma Namba: AG files notice of appeal against illegality ruling

Published: 15/Oct/2021
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

Attorney General Kihara Kariuki has filed a notice of appeal against the judgement that quashed Huduma Namba cards rollout. The judgment was delivered on Thursday by Justice Jairus Ngaah. The AG said he is dissatisfied with the judgment. Read further:…

North Africa

Libya: Stateless Tuareg demand rights and inclusion ahead of elections

Published: 11/Sep/2021
Source: Middle East Eye

Communities are taking action as they challenge decades of discrimination at the hands of national and local authorities By Thomas McGee As Libya’s much-anticipated 24 December general elections edge closer, the last month has seen an intensification of frustration and…

Southern Africa

Judge declares surrogate child a Namibian citizen

Published: 13/Oct/2021
Source: The Namibian (Windhoek)

by Werner Menges Same-sex couple Phillip Lühl and Guillermo Delgado scored a victory in the Windhoek High Court on Wednesday, with judge Thomas Masuku declaring that their first-born child is a Namibian citizen by descent. Masuku also ordered the minister…

West Africa