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Mauritius to Host African Union Commission’s Experts Meetings

Published: 16/Aug/2017
Source: Government of Mauritius

Press Release The African Union Commission will hold the following two Experts Meetings in Mauritius during the period 28 August to 2 September 2017. The first Expert Meeting will focus on the implementation mechanism of the Draft Protocol on the…

Central Africa

Cameroun: la sensibilisation sur les risques d’apatridie se poursuit

Published: 15/Sep/2017
Source: Journal du Cameroun

L’apatridie est la situation d’une personne qu’aucun Etat ne reconnaît comme étant son citoyen. Autrement dit, un apatride est une personne dépourvue de nationalité et qui, de ce fait, ne bénéficie de la protection d’aucun Etat.  Des personnes se retrouvent exposées…

East Africa

Hundreds of millions of children ‘lack any record of their birth’

Published: 16/Sep/2017
Source: The Independent

In their impoverished communities in Uganda, the answers hinged on the fact that one girl had a birth certificate and the other didn’t. Police foiled the planned marriage after locating paperwork that proved the first girl was not 18 as…

North Africa

Southern Africa

Zimbabwe:ID cards and birth certificates now FREE until November 30

Published: 20/Sep/2017
Source: Nahanda Radio

This is meant to enable more people to get the documents ahead of next year’s general elections. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) commenced voter registration on Monday.Registrar-General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede yesterday said every district in the country’s 10 provinces would…

West Africa