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Mauritius to Host African Union Commission’s Experts Meetings

Published: 16/Aug/2017
Source: Government of Mauritius

Press Release The African Union Commission will hold the following two Experts Meetings in Mauritius during the period 28 August to 2 September 2017. The first Expert Meeting will focus on the implementation mechanism of the Draft Protocol on the…

Central Africa

East Africa

Kenya: Woman of British descent sues state for denying her citizenship

Published: 5/Oct/2017
Source: The Star

A 26-year-old woman of British descent has moved to court to have the government compelled to grant her Kenyan citizenship. Virdi Gurveen says she is a Kenyan by birth, but has been denied a national identity card without any justification.…

North Africa

Algérie: Le 12S se fait rare

Published: 10/Oct/2017
Source: La Dépêche de Kabylie

Les citoyens de la commune de Boghni se sentent lésés par les services de l’état civil qui enregistrent un manque en imprimés du 12S (acte de naissance spécial). Ainsi, les nombreuses demandes effectuées par la population locale demeurent en attente.…

Southern Africa

Zimbabwe: Govt issues 287 000 IDs

Published: 16/Oct/2017
Source: The Herald

THE Registrar-General’s Office has issued 287 300 identity cards since September 4, with Registrar-General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede warning his officials against charging fees to those in need of civil documents. Mr Mudede said his department had withdrawn all receipt books countrywide…

West Africa