A Borderless Africa: So you want that African e-Passport?

Published: 24/Jul/2016
Source: New African

By Regina Jane Jere Excitement, praise, concern, and heaps of speculation have greeted the much-hyped launch of the common African e-passport at the Kigali African Union Summit on 17th July. To the majority of ordinary Africans, over a billion of…

Central Africa

Chad helps returnees at risk of statelessness to get papers

Published: 20/Jan/2017
Source: UNHCR

Samira’s parents are from Chad, but moved to CAR for work. She was born and raised in CAR, but was never granted citizenship there. At the same time, papers that could prove her parents were Chadian – and that therefore,…

East Africa

North Africa

Maroc: Le roi Mohammed VI annonce une nouvelle campagne de régularisation des migrants

Published: 12/Dec/2016
Source: Ya Biladi (Maroc)

Le souverain vient d’annoncer aujourd’hui, par le biais de la Commission nationale chargée de la régularisation et l’intégration des migrants au Maroc, qu’une nouvelle campagne de régularisation des immigrés en situation irrégulière allait être lancée « dans l’immédiat ». La…

Southern Africa

South Africa: No school wants to take in stateless child

Published: 17/Jan/2017
Source: News 24 (South Africa)

By Hannes Kruger Related articles: Public steps in to help 8-year-old who was told to take her shirt off in class Poor pupil allegedly made to take non-regulation shirt off in class School shortage is department’s fault – report Johannesburg…

West Africa