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Special Report: How to make millions selling passports to Africa

Published: 22/Dec/2017
Source: Reuters

By David Lewis, Philippe Engels MORONI, Comoros Islands/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – In the tiny nation of the Comoros Islands, lying off the east coast of Africa, Albert Karaziwan is a big man – even though he doesn’t live there. He’s been…

Central Africa

RDC: Passeports: perquisitions au siège belge de Semlex

Published: 18/Jan/2018
Source: La Libre Belgique / AFP

Le parquet fédéral belge a fait exécuter mercredi des perquisitions au siège de la société uccloise Semlex et au domicile de son CEO, Albert Karaziwan, rapporte l’agence Reuters. Le parquet fédéral a confirmé l’information. Selon son porte-parole, qui n’a pas…

East Africa

Rwanda: Kiziba refugees protest

Published: 22/Feb/2018
Source: Kakuma News Reflector (KANERE), Kenya

By Qaabata Boru & Roland Kalamo On Tuesday, February 20th, 2018: A large movement of refugees – some report several thousand – departed on foot from the Kiziba refugee camp in Western Rwanda. Leaders declared that they were repatriating to…

North Africa

Southern Africa

Zimbabwe: Mudede sued over dual citizenship

Published: 16/Feb/2018
Source: Zimbabwe Independent

Zimbabweans who have been denied dual citizenship are challenging the government to respect their constitutional rights, arguing that they risk being disenfranchised in general elections slated for July. By Hazel Ndebele Nearly three million Zimbabweans, including evicted white commercial farmers,…

West Africa

Liberia: Lawmaker backs Dual Citizenship

Published: 20/Feb/2018
Source: The New Dawn (Monrovia)

RiverGee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh seems to be in support of President George Weah’s recent suggestions for dual citizenship in Liberia, including granting land ownership right to non-Negroes. Appearing on Power FM, a local radio station in Monrovia on…