Uganda: 2016 ‘Ghost Voters’

Published: 1/Mar/2015
Source: The Independent (Kampala)

Something unusual happened in parliament on November 25, 2014. The Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima and his deputy, James Baba, and the Permanent Secretary, Stephen Kagoda, were appearing before the Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs to give their side in a dispute over a controversial piece of proposed legislation; the Registration of Persons Bill. Apart from MPs, the Bill had run into trouble from an unexpected quota; the Citizens and Immigration Board. When MPs asked the three officials why the Board,which falls under them, was opposed to the Bill, James Baba spoke harshly about the Board Chairperson, Beatrice Nyakaisiki.

Her record is very bad,” he told the MPs, “We all know it. She has been fighting the Second Deputy Premier for the last 30 years and she has failed. Now she thinks she can take on this celebrated, decorated general. She will not succeed. Let her not waste her time.”

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Themes: Identity Documents
Regions: East Africa, Uganda
Year: 2015