A legal loophole allows Liberians to be dual citizens

Published: 26/Oct/2021
Source: TRT World (Istanbul)

By Dounard Bondo

Liberians can hold dual citizenship until the government takes them to court and a judgement is given against them.

In 2005, Sarah moved from Liberia to America with her parents. By 2010, she naturalised as an American. However, at her naturalisation, the Liberian Aliens and Nationality Law automatically revoked her Liberian citizenship and made her illegible for a Liberian passport. This law is in line with a constitutional provision that bars dual citizenship for adults.

Sarah’s case isn’t uncommon. After he was denied a Liberian passport by the Liberian embassy in Washington because he was American, Alvin Jalloh – a Liberian who naturalised as an American- sued the Liberian government.

In a 2019 judgement, the Liberian supreme court held that despite naturalising, Alvin could not be denied a Liberian citizenship and passport till he was tried in court. The court opined that citizenship was a right that could not be revoked without trial.

Pursuant to this 2019 ruling, in September of this year, the Liberian ministry of foreign affairs was instructed to issue passports to Liberians who naturalised to other nationalities.

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