Abyei Area Referendum Act 2009

Published: 25/Apr/2010

Voter’s Eligibility

24. A voter shall be a resident of Abyei Area according to Article 6(1) of Abyei Area Protocol namely:

(a) Members of Ngoc Dinka Community;

(b) Other Sudanese residing in Abyei Area in accordance with the criteria of residency, as may be determined by the Commission according to section 14(1) of this Act;

(c) Not less than 18 years of age;

(d) Of sound mind;

(e) Registered in the Referendum Register

Proof of Voter’s Identity

25. 1) For the purpose of Section 24 above, the identity of the voter shall be proved by one of the following:

a) Presenting the original identity card or personal identification document or a certificate issued by the local government Authority of the area as recommended by the Sultan of the Local Administration.

b) A direct oral or written testimony by the Local Administration in the area.

2) To verify any document or written/oral testimony, a referendum official shall seek the assistance of the local authority or the Sultan of the Local Administration or the dignitaries of the concerned community.

3) To verify the identity of someone who does not possess any personal identification document, the referendum official shall seek the help of the competent Sultan

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Themes: State Succession, New States
Regions: South Sudan, Sudan
Year: 2009