Algeria: Draft Revised Constitution ‘Implicitly’ Enshrines Right to Dual Nationality for Algerians

Published: 2/Feb/2016
Source: Algerie Presse Service

The draft revised Constitution “implicitly” enshrined the right to dual nationality for the Algerians, said Tuesday in Algiers, Adviser of President of the Republic Kamel Rezag Bara, lamenting the excessive readings about the article inherent to the limitation of access to senior posts to the holders of the Algerian nationality only.

Article 51 of the revised Constitution “implicitly enshrines the right of the Algerians to having dual nationality,” Rezag Bara told the Radio, underlining that the nationality code, dating back to the 1970s, was based on the “exclusive” character of the Algerian nationality.

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Themes: Dual Nationality, Nationality and Elections, Nationality of Politicians
Regions: Algeria
Year: 2016