Algeria Issues List of Official Positions Banning Dual Nationality

Published: 24/Jan/2017
Source: North Africa Post

Any Algerian vying for political, military and judicial top positions needs to be holding the Algerian nationality only and renounce dual nationality if such is the case, the Algerian Presidency announced.

In total, 15 top positions are targeted by the decision. The new law published earlier this month restricts the positions of Parliament Speaker, Prime Minister, President of Senate, President of the Constitutional Council, Member of the cabinet, and cabinet secretary generals to nationals holding only Algerian nationality.

Other positions such as President of Supreme Court, President of the State Council, Governor of the Algerian Central Bank, Head of High Independent Body of Election Monitoring as well as top security positions must also be held by Algerians with single Algerian nationality.

The Head of the Algerian army as well as top army commanders are no exception to the law, Jeune Afrique notes.

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Themes: Dual Nationality, Nationality of Politicians
Regions: Algeria
Year: 2017