Angolans in race to stay in SA after end of war robs them of refugee status

Published: 24/Jan/2017
Source: The Times (South Africa)

By Farren Collins

Four years after Angolans in South Africa were told they were no longer regarded as refugees‚ hundreds of them are still trying to find ways to stay in the country.

Their hopes were boosted when the High Court in Cape Town ordered the minister of home affairs to consider exemptions for permanent residence for former Angolan refugees.

In 2013‚ when the UN declared their country safe after years of civil war‚ Angolan refugees in South Africa were given permits allowing them to stay for two years.

Many had created new lives and were reluctant to leave but did not meet the requirements for visas or permanent residence‚ and faced deportation when the permits expired.

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Themes: Nationality and Refugees
Regions: South Africa
Year: 2017