Arab Framework on the Rights of the Child

Published: 28/Mar/2001
Source: League of Arab States

Resolution No. 216, adopted on 28 March 2001 by the Council of the League of Arab States at the Thirteenth Arab Summit, held at Amman on 27 and 28 March 2001


15. Children’s civil rights and citizenship rights must be guaranteed. To achieve this, action must be taken to:

– Reassert the acknowledgement of children’s individual rights and the associated right to a name, an identity, a lineage and a nationality and to freedom, protection and well-being;

– Inform children and society about these rights and work for their implementation by updating legislation concerning children; and, where possible, issue laws expressly relating to children and take the necessary steps to implement such laws.

Download: Arab Framework Rights of Child 2001

Themes: Acquisition de la nationalité, Acquisition par les enfants, Enregistrement des naissances
Regions: Afrique du Nord
Year: 2001