Benin govt proposes a bill to grant nationality to Afro-descendants

Published: 13/Mai/2024

The government of the Republic of Benin has welcomed a new bill aimed at giving Beninese nationality to Afro-descendants. Adopted by the Council of Ministers on May 8, 2024, the bill is intends to help Afro-descendants reconnect with their ancestral lands.

The Beninese government under Patrice Talon’s administration, believes that “most Afro-descendants wish to re-establish a connection with their original kingdoms.” However, due to the fragmented nature of historical archives and the varied trajectories of the deported individuals, it is challenging to obtain precise information about the victims of the slave trade, their destinations, and subsequent fate.

The bill defines an Afro-descendant as “any person who, according to their genealogy, has a Sub-Saharan African ancestor deported from the African continent during the slave trade.” Proof of Afro-descendance is provided by the applicant through any civil or official documentation, witnessed testimonies by authenticated act, DNA test conducted by an accredited institution in Benin, or any other technical or scientific means.

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