Birth Registration of Children in Zimbabwe

Published: 1/Oct/2007
Source: Justice for Children Trust (Harare)

The current study was commissioned by Justice for Children Trust (JCT). JCT is a locally registered trust headquartered in Harare. It was formed to offer free legal services to disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe. In its work with disadvantaged children, JCT works with children natural and legal guardians in the following areas:

  • The provision of free legal services to minors in civil and criminal matters
  • To educate society on children’s laws
  • To research , document and publish findings on children’s legal issues
  • To lobby and advocate for legal and policy reform on matters affecting children.

Goal of Research

The research aims to bring out the challenges around Birth Registration, document lessons learned and make pointers for future impactful interventions.

Research Objectives

  • The objectives of the research were:
  • To present the gender and advocacy initiatives on Birth Registration in greater depth
  • Document and provide insight into best practices
  • Identify the causes of the problem of non-registration of births and communicate best way forward in terms of lobbying and advocating requisite changes
  • Examine the obstacles to universal Birth Registration and the actions needed to achieve universal registration
  • Examine the individuals, community institutions and other available resources that children use for survival

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Themes: Discrimination, Gender, Birth Registration
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2007