Botswana: At last Bazezuru get help

Published: 9/Sep/2013
Source: Mmegi (Gaborone)

By Pini Bothoko

TONOTA: For years the Bazezuru of Maseka ward in Mandunyane have been living a miserable life without identity cards and passports though they were born and have lived in Botswana all their lives.

These BaZezuru have been in Botswana even before independence and they were supposed to have been issued Omangs a long time ago but the department of immigration delayed this process. Finally the Assistant Director of Immigration and Citizenship, Solomon Sedumedi, has conceded that the BaZezuru could have been issued Omangs a long time back but there was an inexplicable resistance from officers at the immigration department.

In an interview with Mandunyane councillor Bathoeng Maseko last week, he elatedly revealed that the BaZezuru have finally been getting the necessary assistance from the immigration department.He said this was a good turn of events as the white-clad community has been living a miserable life without identity cards or passports and not able to enjoy government programmes like other Batswana. »I have had sleepless nights in my area as this tribe occupies a large tract of land and have a ward in Mandunyane. They were not given due recognition as they did not have legal documents to prove their citizenry, » he said.

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Themes: Apatridie, Discrimination, Cartes d’identité et passeports, Ethnique/Raciale/Religieuse
Regions: Botswana
Year: 2013