Botswana: Dual citizenship: The case of Mathe

Published: 12/Jul/2022
Source: Business Weekly (Gaborone)

Botswana’s Passport to the Future?

By Juwairiyyah Maher

In a landmark decision passed on the 29th day of April 2022, the High Court of Botswana declared Sections 15 (1) and 15 (4) of in the Citizenship Act [Cap 01:01] (the Act) to be unconstitutional and accordingly struck down.

This essentially means that holders of dual citizenship will no longer be required to renounce one citizenship at the age of 21 or risk losing their status as citizens of Botswana. The decision to strike down the requirement in the Act for renunciation followed the determination by the court that such a provision was discriminatory and unfairly restrictive to the rights to freedom of movement and association of the holder of dual citizenship.

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