Botswana: The dual citizenship case: High Court upholds claim

Published: 27/Jun/2022
Source: Rockfall Lekgowe Law Group

Ms. Pauline Sithabile Mathe, acting on her behalf and on behalf of her son, together with her daughter, has filed an application in terms of Section 18 of the Constitution of Botswana challenging the constitutionality of Section 15 of the Citizenship Act.

Section 15 of the Citizenship Act requires a citizen of Botswana who is born with dual citizenship to renounce their foreign citizenship in order to retain the Botswana one once they turn 21. Ms. Mathe is a citizen of Botswana and is married to a citizen of Norway. Mathe’s son and daughter are dual citizens who hold both the Botswana and Norway citizenship.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
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Year: 2022