Briefing Paper: Who Is Somaliland Citizen?

Published: 31/Jan/2016
Source: Center for Policy Analysis, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Legal Analysis on Somaliland Citizenship Law (Law No: 22/2002)

By Hibak Ibrahim Gamute


A citizen is a person who, by either birth or naturalization is a member of a political community, owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to enjoy all its civil rights and protections; whereas Citizenship is the status of being a citizen and the quality of person’s conduct as a member of a community. In Somaliland, the citizen is an individual who descended from persons who were resident in the territory of Somaliland on 26 June 1960 or before, and a person who had Somaliland citizenship conferred on him lawfully.

Hence, there are two ways to become a Somaliland citizen, by birth or through naturalization which is the legal act or process by which a non-citizen in a country may acquire citizenship or nationality of that country.

The intent of this analysis is to legally recognize, who the citizen is, and who is not in Somaliland legal context. Moreover to inform the society living in Somaliland who are not legal experts and public authorities on the laws regarding citizenship.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Loss and Deprivation of Nationality
Regions: Somalia
Year: 2016