Cameroon lawmakers examine legislation to address statelessness

Published: 18/Jun/2024
Source: Biometric Update

Proposal could extend legal identity to tens of thousands

By Ayang Macdonald

The Parliament of Cameroon is examining a bill that will allow the country to accede to two United Nations Conventions relating to the recognition of stateless persons. If it passes into law, stateless people in Cameroon could soon receive legal identity documents.

The bill, which was submitted to members of the National Assembly (the lower chamber of parliament) recently, seeks to authorize the President of the Republic, Pual Biya, to proceed with Cameroon’s accession to the United Nations Conventions relating to the status of stateless persons and on the reduction of statelessness adopted, respectively, on September 28, 1954 and August 30, 1961.

In an explanatory statement, the government said it recognizes the plight and usefulness of these category of persons who have the stateless status largely by no fault of theirs.

“Our country’s accession to these conventions would facilitate the incorporation of duly identified stateless persons into the mass of Cameroonian citizens and help to significantly reduce discrimination against persons who often are only victims of circumstances,” the statement reads.

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