CRC Concluding Observations: Guinea-Bissau. 2002

Published: 13/Jun/2002
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties under Article 44 of the Convention

Name and nationality

28.  Noting the significant efforts by the State party to improve birth registration, the Committee remains concerned that not all children are registered at birth and that the imposition of a financial fine upon parents who register the birth of their child after the expiry of the official  deadline is a hindrance to birth registration.

29.  The Committee recommends that the State party:
(a) Review its birth registration procedures, consider the abolition of sanctions for late registration and continue to use creative means of increasing birth registration (such as the use of mobile registration units in rural areas and sensitization campaigns), with a view to ensuring the systematic registration of all births;
(b) Seek technical assistance from UNICEF.

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Themes: International standards, Birth Registration
Regions: West Africa, Guinea-Bissau
Year: 2002