Confusion continues in Zim draft constitution

Published: 2/May/2013

There is still serious confusion over whether the new draft constitution allows for dual citizenship or not, with the parties in government appearing to translate the new rules differently.

The new document does not explicitly allow or deny Zimbabweans the right to dual citizenship, but does recognise Zimbabwean citizenship by birth, descent and registration. Section 42 (e) contains the only omment on the contentious issue, stating that an act of Parliament can prohibit dual citizenship.

This is a slight change to the previous draft charter released last year, which had said that an act of Parliament may pass legislation for ‘the prohibition [or permitting] of dual citizenship in respect of citizens by descent or registration’. The change is that the phrase ‘or permitting’ has been removed.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
Regions: Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
Year: 2013