Court stops plea in Sirat’s citizenship case

Published: 4/Sep/2015
Source: The Star

A court yesterday stopped the prosecution of former Wajir South MP Mahamud Sirat over allegations of false acquisition of Kenyan citizenship.

Sirat was to plead to the charges but this did not happen after his lawyer informed Nairobi chief magistrate Daniel Ogembo on existing Court of Appeal order stopping plea taking.

The order was given by appeal judges Hannah Okwengu, John Mwera and Sankale Kantai on July 17. Sirat’s lawyer Kethi Kilonzo said the order will be in place until a case filed by her client in 2011 is determined. The Immigration Department had filed the case against Sirat, alleging he was Australian but he declined to plead, arguing he was a Kenyan.

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Themes: Nationality of Politicians
Regions: East Africa, Kenya
Year: 2015