CRC Concluding Observations: Angola, 2004

Published: 4/Nov/2004
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Thirty-seventh session Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties Under Article 44 of the Convention

Concluding observations: Angola

Birth registration

26. While welcoming the efforts undertaken by the State party in cooperation with civil society groups to ensure that children are registered and provided with birth certificates, including the National Campaign for Free Registration of Children, the Committee remains concerned about the unacceptably high number of unregistered children in the State party and the consequences of non-registration on children’s access to education and other services.

27. In light of article 7 of the Convention, the Committee strongly recommends that the State party undertake all necessary measures (e.g. by using mobile birth registration units) to ensure that all children are registered at birth, including by providing such registration free of charge, in line with the commitments made by the Government at the National Forum on Early Childhood Care and Development in June 2004.  Meanwhile, children whose births have not been registered should be allowed to access basic services, such as health and education, while waiting to be properly registered.

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Themes: Enregistrement des naissances, Pièces d'identité, Normes internationales
Regions: Angola, Afrique australe
Year: 2004