CRC Concluding Observations: Benin, 2006

Published: 20/Oct/2006
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Forty-third session Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties Under Article 44 of the Convention

Concluding observations: Benin

Birth registration

35. While noting the measures undertaken to implement the Committee’s previous recommendation, including the establishment of Registry Offices at District (arrondissement) level and the conduct of awareness raising campaigns, the Committee is concerned that many children are still not registered at birth, in particular children living in remote rural communities and children from disadvantaged families.
36. The Committee recommends that the State party take all necessary measures to ensure that birth registration is made accessible to all parents within the State party.  The Committee also recommends that the State party provide support to the local authorities to promote a higher level of birth registration, eventually with auxiliary registry officers at village level, and launch a national campaign of mobile court hearings making complementary decisions on late birth declarations, which should be free of charge.

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Themes: International standards, Birth Registration
Regions: West Africa, Benin
Year: 2006