CRC Concluding Observations: CAR, 2017

Published: 3/Mar/2017
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Birth registration name and nationality

32.The Committee welcomes the measures taken to promote birth registration, in particular decree No. 14.228 of 2014 providing free birth registration to children born during the conflict that took place between 2012 and 2014, and the reconstruction of its national civil administration, which resulted in the registration of over 35,000 children. However, the Committee is concerned about:

(a)The enduring low rate of registered children and the major disparities between urban and rural areas;

(b)Birth registration not being freely provided to all children;

(c)The limited period for birth registration, as provided by article 134 of the Family Code;

(d)The limited awareness of the population of the importance of birth registration.

33. Taking note of target 16.9 of the Sustainable Development Goals on providing legal identity for all, including birth registration, the Committee urges the State party to:

(a) Prioritize measures to ensure that effective birth registration is available to all children, both in urban and rural areas;

(b) Take all measures necessary to provide free birth registration;

(c) Consider reviewing, or suspending, article 134 of the Family Code to ensure that children are still able to be registered without penalties after the one-month period allowed;

(d) Intensify its efforts to raise awareness among the population in general, and mothers in particular, of the importance of birth registration;

(e) Provide training to registration officials and equip them with the necessary technical resources;

(f) Seek technical assistance from UNDP and UNICEF, among others, for the implementation of these recommendations.

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Themes: Acquisition by children, International standards, Birth Registration
Regions: Central African Republic
Year: 2017