CRC Concluding observations: Ethiopia, 2015

Published: 3/Jun/2015
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Birth registration

33.While welcoming the adoption of the Registration of Vital Events and National Identity Card Registration Proclamation No. 760/2012 and the establishment of structures responsible for coordinating and supporting the registration and implementation of birth registration pilot projects, the Committee remains concerned about the high rate of unregistered children and that only 5percentare reported to be registered in rural areas.

34.The Committee urges the State party to:
(a)Adopt as a matter of priority a comprehensive birth registration policy and provide all the necessary human, financial and technical resources for its effective implementation, especially in rural areas; and
(b)Continue engaging with development agencies and donors to mobilise the adequate technical and financial resources, and undertake an assessment on the barriers to birth registration and data collection


Themes: Birth Registration
Regions: Ethiopia
Year: 2015