CRC Concluding Observations: Rwanda 2013

Published: 14/Jun/2013
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Concluding observations on the third and fourth periodic reports of Rwanda, adopted by the Committee at its sixty-third session (27 May–14 June 2013)

The Committee states:

Birth registration

25. While  the  Committee  notes  that  Law  Nº  54/2011  of  14  December  2011  relating  to the  Rights  and  Protection  of  the  Child  provides  for  the  right  to  name  and  nationality,  it  is concerned  that  only  63  per  cent  of  the  children  were  registered  with  civil  authorities  and less  than  7  per  cent  had  birth  certificates  in  2010  according  to  the  latest  Rwanda Demographic and Health Survey. The Committee further notes with concern that:

(a) Despite  efforts  to  improve  birth  registration  through  legislative  reforms  and birth registration campaigns, children born to refugee parents and children of  migrants are still not registered in the  State party, partly due to inconsistent implementation of the  Law N°14/2008 of 04/6/2008 Governing the  Registration of the Population and Issuance of the National Identity Card;

(b) Birth  registration  procedures  are  complicated  in  the  State  party  and  do  not facilitate the ready issuance of birth certificates; and

(c) Law  N°  14/2008  imposes  penalties,  including  prison  sentence  on  families who  fail  to  register  their  children  within  the  first  45  days,  which  could  deter  parents  or guardians  from  registering  their  children  and  result  in  the  separation  of  the  parents  from their children, which is not in the best interests of the child.

26. The  Committee  recommends  that  the  State  party  strengthen  its  efforts  to ensure   free   and   immediate   birth   registration,   including   the   issuance   of   birth certificates  for  all  children,  by  means  of  accessible  and  expeditious  registration procedures. The Committee further recommends that the State party:

(a) Increase  availability  and   access  to  registry  services and  strengthen sensitization  and  training  for  registration  officers  on  relevant  laws  to  ensure  the registration of all children, including refugee children immediately after birth;

(b) Intensify    community    sensitization    and    public    awareness    on    the importance  of  birth  registration,  including  among  refugee  populations  and  in  urban areas;

(c) Amend  Law  N°  14/2008  in  order  to  remove  penalties  of  imprisonment and all legal and procedural barriers that impede birth registration; and

(d) Seek technical assistance from UNICEF and UNHCR among others, for the implementation of these recommendations.

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Themes: Acquisition by children, International standards, Birth Registration
Regions: Rwanda
Year: 2013