CRC Concluding Observations: Seychelles, 2002

Published: 9/Oct/2002
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties under Article 44 of the Convention

Concluding observations: Seychelles

Right to preservation of identity

30. The Committee is concerned that the right of children born out of wedlock to know their biological fathers can be limited, inter alia, owing to the right of the mother not to reveal the name of the father, and that children of divorced or separated parents may not be able to preserve their identity.

31. In light of article 8, the Committee recommends that the State party review its legislation in order to ensure that all children born out of wedlock have, as far as possible, the legal right to know and maintain contact with both their biological parents, and that all children of divorced or separated parents have the legal right to maintain their identity.

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Themes: International standards, Discrimination, Gender, Birth Registration
Regions: East Africa, Seychelles
Year: 2002