Dual citizenship marginalisation worries diaspora returnees

Published: 12/Mar/2015
Source: The Inquirer (Monrovia)

The current debates to consider legislation or constitutional review on “Dual Citizenship” for Liberians diaspora in the United States of America, elsewhere as well as future challenges for job marginalization have become worrisome for many Liberian citizens wanting to return to their land of nativity, says a Liberian home comer Jefferson Bates.

According to Mr. Jefferson Bates, a Liberian who returned home recently after years of educational sojourn, “we’ve received reports that most of our brothers and sisters who have volunteered to come home and contribute their quota towards nation building were not given the opportunity, either because they are not favored or confidant of the President.

Again, many U.S.-Liberian based citizens have said, the President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf herself has been personally involved in recruiting and appointing U.S.-Liberians to position of trust for which, many have yield the government and people of Liberia, but amidst all allegations. “We are convinced that Liberia has received some appreciable level of normalcy and socio-political, economic development over the last decade,” he averred.

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Themes: Double Nationalité
Regions: Libéria, Afrique de l'Ouest
Year: 2015