ECOWAS heads of state approve abidjan declaration on eradication of statelessness

Published: 22/May/2015
Source: The Daily Observer

The government and Heads of State of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Wednesday, May 20th approved and endorsed the ‘Abidjan Ministerial Declaration’ on the eradication of statelessness. The declaration was endorsed at the 47th Ordinary Summit of Heads of State held in Accra, Ghana.

A stateless person ‘is an individual that no state recognises as a citizen according to its legislation.’ Given that nationality is often a prerequisite to the enjoyment of all human rights, including access to education, health services and legal services, which lack of a nationality, can have a very serious impact on the lives of those affected. Statelessness undermines human security and causes great suffering.

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Themes: Sub-regional Standards, Statelessness
Regions: West Africa
Year: 2015