Egypt: People whose nationality may be revoked

Published: 4/Oct/2017
Source: Middle East Monitor

Amendments to Egypt’s Nationality Law have left numerous citizens fearing that they will have their passports revoked and may be left stateless.

There are now seven cases in which the Egyptian nationality can be revoked, according to the law, these include when it is obtained illegally or in a fraudulent manner or when a judicial ruling confirms that the citizen has joined a banned group, association, party, organisation, gang or any entity, whatever its nature either in Egypt or abroad.

Activists warn that this allows the coup government to revoke the citizenship of all opposition members, those who have spent time in prison on trumped up charges and those who have been sentenced in mass trials where they have been given no opportunity for defence.

The amendments are unconstitutional, critics have warned, and violate the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Statelessness, signed by Egypt in The Hague and which entered into force in 1975.

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