Egyptian court rules Egyptians married to Israelis must be stripped of citizenship

Published: 8/Sep/2016
Source: Al Ahram (Cairo)

An Egyptian administrative court ruled on Thursday that the interior ministry must strip Egyptian citizenship from Egyptians who have married Israelis, in order to protect the country’s national security.

Shaimaa Amin, a private citizen, had filed a lawsuit demanding the interior minister and prime minister strip her brother, who has been living in the UK for 12 years, of his Egyptian citizenship because he is married to an Israeli woman and has children with her.

According to Amin, her brother holds political, religious and social views “that do not suit Egyptian society” and that his marriage to an Israeli woman and having a child with her constitutes “a threat to Egypt’s national security.”

In its reasoning, the administrative court stated that although marriage was one of the personal freedoms granted in the Egyptian constitution according to Article 62, personal freedom does not entitle the citizen to have freedom from all restrictions and from the joint responsibility to protect society and the state.

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Themes: Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious, Gender, Loss and Deprivation of Nationality
Regions: Egypt
Year: 2016