Ending statelessness: Member States have made significant progress – ECOWAS

Published: 26/Oct/2018
Source: Today (Abuja)

By Ferdinand Jumbo-Asukwo

Member states of the Economic Community of West African States Commission have made significant progress to end statelessness since the launch of the global campaign in November 2014.

Dr. Siga Jagne, Commissioner for ECOWAS Social Affairs and Gender, made this assertion on Thursday in Abuja during a roundtable organised by the ECOWAS Commission and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.


“Since the adoption of the Abidjan Declaration member states have made significant progress towards ending statelessness as follows:

“All Member States except Cape Verde have nominated Government Focal Points for issues relating to Statelessness in almost all Member States.

“Twelve of the fifteen ECOWAS Member States are now State Party to the 1954 and 1961 Conventions on Statelessness.

“Thirteen Member States have developed National Action Plans, studies on statelessness are ongoing in nine Member States, law reforms are ongoing to close gaps in Nationality laws is underway in seven Member States.


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