Equal Citizens, Thriving Families, Stronger Societies: Realizing Gender-Equal Nationality Rights in the Middle East-North Africa Region

Published: 5/Apr/2018
Source: UNHCR and the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights

This publication provides a brief overview of reforms enacted in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen to enshrine the equal right of citizens of these countries to confer nationality on their children. It does not detail the important movements for gender-equal nationality rights in these countries, which advanced women’s equal citizenship and the welfare and security of countless affected families. Iraq is also profiled, though gaps remain regarding women’s ability to confer nationality on children born abroad. The second half of the publication summarizes the significant benefits to citizens, their families, and society when gender equal nationality rights are upheld.

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Themes: International standards, Discrimination, Gender
Regions: North Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia
Year: 2018