Ethiopia: Proclamation No. 213/2000 The Revised Family Code

Published: 4/Jul/2000

Provides for recognition of civil, religious and customary marriage, & for recognition of parental affiliation.

Article 319 provides that:
1) The following provisions shall not be applicable in the Administrations where this Code applies:
(a) provisions of the Civil Code of 1960 on Persons (Book One, Articles 198-338);
(b) provisions of the Civil Code of 1960 on Family and Successions (Book Two Articles 550-825).
2) Any laws, regulations, directives, decisions or practices inconsistent with this Code shall not be applicable on mutters provided in this Code.

Download: Ethiopia Revised Family Code 2000

Themes: Acquisition by children, Naturalisation and Marriage
Regions: Ethiopia
Year: 2000