Gabonese President denies Nigerian citizenship allegation

Published: 13/Aug/2016
Source: TVC News (Lagos)

Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba has written off his opponents’ chances in the country’s upcoming presidential election.

TVC NEWS’ Bukola Samuel-Wemimo reports that Bongo also dismissed allegations he was not Gabonese, but Nigerian — which would make him ineligible to stand for reelection later this month.

Gabonese opposition parties have insisted that President Bongo is not the biological son of his predecessor Omar Bongo, and is therefore ineligible to contest.

Over 2500 complaints have been submitted by Gabonese opposition parties, detailing allegations about his adoption by late President Omar Bongo.

These allegations suggest that the plot against his reelection may be grander as, French essayist, Pierre Pean writes that , Ali, formerly Alain Bongo was brought from Biafra, during Nigeria’s civil war, and adopted by his father, Omar, Biafra.

Pierre claims that The late Bongo was a supporter of Biafra, who airlifted many children from there.  Whether the allegations carry weight or not, Bongo was conceived 18 months before Omar Bongo’s marriage to former Gabonese first lady, Patience Dabany, his mother, another grey area, which seems to give credence to his accusers.

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