Ghana: Let’s Recognise Dual Citizenship—Supreme Court Nominee

Published: 28/Aug/2018
Source: Daily Guide (Accra)

A Supreme Court justice nominee, Nene Abayaateye Ofoe Amegatcher, has said that the 1992 Constitution must be amended to allow Ghanaians with dual citizenship to take up ministerial or other positions of trust to contribute their quota to the development of the country.

According to Nene Amegatcher, who is also the former president of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), a Ghanaian with one Ghanaian parent and another parent from abroad should not be denied the opportunity to serve the nation in any position of trust if the person so desires.

Nene Amegatcher who made the suggestion during his vetting on Friday by the Appointments Committee of Parliament said that one cannot control which parents he or she would be born to and so to make it unlawful for such people to hold positions of trust in Ghana is unfair. Besides, it’s tantamount to trampling on their rights.

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Themes: Dual Nationality, Nationality of Politicians
Regions: Ghana
Year: 2018