Got talent, integrity? Rwanda offers citizenship

Published: 30/Sep/2020
Source: The East African (Nairobi)


Foreigners may soon acquire Rwandan citizenship on the basis of “national interest” if they have special skills or talents, and the ability to offer sustainable investment activities if a Bill recently approved by Cabinet becomes law.

Under this clause, in a draft Organic Law Governing Rwandan Nationality that is expected to be debated by Parliament next month and which The EastAfrican has seen, Rwanda expects to woo more investors by offering them services and benefits reserved for citizens.

This will be the additional grounds to get citizenship. The other four are by birth on Rwandan territory, marriage, naturalisation, and Rwandan origin.

The procedure under “national interest” clause will require a competent authority to write to the Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration describing the national interest that would justify granting nationality to a particular foreigner.
Marriage solidity

The same will apply for possession of special skills or talents needed in Rwanda, and ability to offer sustainable investment activities. Names of foreigners who are granted citizenship will then be published in the official gazette.

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