Govt set to compensate victimised Tanzanians in Operation Kimbunga

Published: 30/Oct/2013
Source: The Guardian (Dar es Salaam)

Government has pledged to give some ‘form of compensation to Tanzanians that were mistakenly victims of the ongoing crackdown operation against illegal immigrants dubbed ‘Kimbunga’.

The announcement was made yesterday in parliament by the Minister for Defence and National Service, Shamsi Vuai Nahodha who assured the House that the government is very much aware of the ‘mistakes’ and it will not hesitate or deter from some form of compensation.

““I agree with the legislator, I cannot directly say what the government will do, but I can guarantee him that the government will take action upon identification of people who were mistakenly netted in the operation”,” he pledged responding on behalf of Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda.

The response was prompted by the leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament, Freeman Mbowe, who inquired whether the government plans on compensating Tanzanians who were mistakenly netted in operation Kimbunga.

Mbowe, the MP for Hai (Chadema), maintained that, despite good intensions, the operation was not properly organized nor effectively conducted and occasioned the violation of human rights.

“Their rights were violated so will the government be ready to compensate the Tanzanians who were mistakenly affected by the operation?”” he inquired.

Earlier, the Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Pereira Silima, told the National Assembly that the operation is still on going and will be conducted in all districts in the country following registered success in Geita, Kagera and Kigoma regions.

The government recently took various measures to arrest illegal immigrants including the said operation kimbunga. The illegal immigrants were sought out in upcountry regions, at road blocks, through police patrols and raids on hotels.

In his official visit to Kagera Region last August, President Jakaya Kikwete formed a task force comprised of officers from the Police Force, Immigration Department, Intelligence Unit and the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces.

It was charged with organizing a special operation to ensure all illegal immigrants in Kagera, Kigoma, Simiyu and Geita regions are sent back to their home countries. This followed residents’ complaints of illegal immigrants from Rwanda, Burundi and DRC committing crimes in their areas.

The President gave illegal immigrants a two -week grace period to leave the country on their own volition before the operation began and when it did, thousands were nabbed along various weapons recovered including guns and rifles.

Themes: Mass Expulsions, Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious
Regions: Tanzania
Year: 2013