Grappling with identity: In the footsteps of Africa’s ‘nowhere and everywhere children’

Published: 21/Feb/2015
Source: Mail & Guardian Africa

In 2007, when Allan-Roy Sekeitto won the opportunity to participate in a continental reality television show, Imagine Africa, its organisers profiled him as a representative of two countries; South Africa and Uganda. He was born in neither.

Sekeitto, now 28, was at the time a medical student in South Africa’s University of Limpopo. He was born in Botswana, where both his parents worked.

Shortly before his second birthday, the family moved to South Africa, where they have lived to-date in the city of Johannesburg. Sekeitto is thus a child of three countries; none of which has fully embraced him. He is a child of everywhere and nowhere.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
Regions: East Africa, Uganda, Southern Africa, South Africa
Year: 2015