Guidelines on statelessness No. 3: The status of stateless persons at the national level

Published: 17/Jul/2012
Source: UNHCR

These Guidelines are aimed at assisting States to ensure that stateless persons receive such status in their jurisdictions. They address the treatment of persons determined to be stateless by a State under the 1954 Convention, the position of individuals awaiting the outcome of a statelessness determination procedure, as well as the appropriate treatment of stateless persons in States that do not have statelessness determination procedures. The Guidelines also examine the position of stateless persons in countries not party to the 1954 Convention as well as those considered to be de facto stateless.

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These Guidelines were incorporated into the Handbook on protection of stateless persons published by UNHCR in 2012.

Themes: International standards, Statelessness
Regions: International
Year: 2012