How Tanzanians will benefit from digital identity system

Published: 17/Jul/2023
Source: The Citizen (Arusha)

Arusha. A new digital identity is set for a roll out as Tanzania inches towards a digital economy.

‘Unique Number ID’ will enable all users to electronically access all the critical government services and the same from the private sector.

The new digital ID is expected to be much superior than others currently in use in that it will contain detailed information about the holder.

“It will be a unique lifetime identifier,” insisted Mr Mohamed Khamis Abdulla, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communications and Information Technology.

He said although ‘Unique Number’ will be different from the machine-readable Nida IDs now in use, it will complement the latter.

The current national IDs, issued by the National Identification Authority (Nida), are confined to people aged above 18 years.

Unlike Nida IDs, ‘Unique Number ID’ holder would not need to possess a card but will only be identified through his or her number.

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