How To Obtain Egyptian Citizenship?

Published: 16/Oct/2022
Source: Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm (Cairo)

Do you want to be Egyptian? In this article, we will discuss all requirements to obtain Egyptian Citizenship

The requirements to obtain Egyptian citizenship:

Egyptian Law 140 of 2019 sets out the controls for granting Egyptian citizenship to a foreigner. Five investment programs have been developed to facilitate obtaining Egyptian citizenship. A unit at the Cabinet, which shall be responsible for granting citizenship to foreigners, shall be established in the Council of Ministers. The Unit shall include representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Investment and International Cooperation and the concerned security authorities.

The citizenship application shall be submitted at the Unit’s headquarters or on its website. However, the application shall be completed with the required information and documents, after paying a fee of $10,000 or its equivalent in EGP, to be paid by bank transfer from abroad.

The Unit shall examine the application and decide on it in principle, within a maximum of three months from the date of its submission, taking into account national security considerations.

In the event of the initial approval of the application by the Prime Minister, the citizenship applicant shall be granted the right to temporary residence in Egypt for 6 months, to complete the procedures, data, and documents necessary to issue a final decision regarding the application.

The Unit shall complete the examination of the application and present its final recommendation in this regard in light of national security considerations to the Prime Minister for his final decision. All of this shall be conducted within a maximum of three months from the date of completing the aforementioned data and documents.

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