In Case of Secession, SPLM would have No Right to Interfere in Sudan’s Constitution

Published: 27/Dec/2010
Source: Sudan Vision

The National Congress Party has announced that SPLM has told them that it would present new proposals on the citizenship issue within the continuous dialogue between NCP and SPLM on the post-referendum arrangements.

In a statement to SV, the NCP’s political secretary, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour said SPLM has announced that it would submit proposals regarding citizenship issue that would be presented within the next few days. However, Professor Ghandour affirmed that the dialogue has not been completed until now and that it is continuing for overcoming post-referendum issues.

On the negative response by some SPLM leaders to the President’s speech on the amendment of constitution in case of secession, Professor Ghandour said the SPLM has been seeking secession and therefore it ahs no right to talk about the amendment of the constitution.

“The SPLM would be outside the Parliament and any amendment in the constitution would concern the people of the North only”, he said. Professor Ghandour added that the SPLM has no right to speak about amendment of the constitution or otherwise “There is no room for SPLM to be involved in this matter”, he said.

The NCP’s political secretary affirmed that the rejection by the SPLM of the amendment of the constitution is an attempt by SPLM to appear in a new image in North Sudan that is led by a group of SPLM’s leaders who have contributed to the secession of the south. As regards the move by some SPLM’s leaders to form a new party in north Sudan with the same SPLM’s agenda, Ghandour said it is the right of any Sudanese citizen to form a party according to the law.

“It is not allowed, however, for any citizen to form a party that is affiliated to a party outside the Sudan”, he said.

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Themes: State Succession, New States
Regions: South Sudan, Sudan
Year: 2010