Indians cannot be a Ugandan tribe, says minister Mutuuzo

Published: 20/Nov/2019
Source: The Monitor (Kampala)


Indians living in Uganda cannot be made an indigenous tribe because their origin cannot be traced as is the case with other communities and ethnicities in the country, the State Minister for Gender, Ms Peace Mutuuzo, has said.

The minister made the statement while appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Equal Opportunities yesterday. The statement contradicts President Museveni’s view on the issue early this month after he hinted on Indians becoming a tribe in Uganda. The Equal Opportunities Committee chaired by Ms Hellen Asamo (the Member of Parliament for People Living with Disabilities for Eastern region, NRM) is investigating allegations of maginalisation of minority communities across the country.

When asked by the Rujumbura County MP Fred Turyamuhweza about the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development’s plan to have the Indian community as a local tribe, Ms Mutuuzo said the 1995 Constitution provides for only those indigenous communities that were documented as of February 1, 1926.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious
Regions: Uganda
Year: 2019