Swaziland Citizenship Regulation, 1967

Published: 15/Jan/1968

Version available from REFWORLD – https://www.refworld.org/docid/3ae6b506c.html 1. Citation. These regulations may be cited as the Swaziland Citizenship Regulation, 1967. 2. Interpretation. (First and Second Schedules). In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires – “the Act” means the Swaziland Citizenship […]

Constitution of Uganda 1967, Chapter II

Published: 8/Sep/1967

Replaced the framework for citizenship in the 1962 independence constitution with a descent-based system. Repealed by the 1995 Constitution. Download file: Uganda Constitution 1967

Ghana Nationality Decree 1967

Published: 28/Jul/1967

National Liberation Council Decree 161. Repealing and replacing the Nationality Act 1961. PDF includes the Ghana Nationality Amendment Decree 1969. Download: Ghana Nationality Decree 1967+amendments

Lesotho Citizenship Act No.17 of 1967

Published: 19/May/1967

ACT To make provision, to the extent permitted or required by the Constitution, for the acquisition, deprivation and renunciation of citizenship of Lesotho; to specify, in relation to persons, by what date those persons shall have done what is required […]

Swaziland Constitution Order 1967

Published: 22/Feb/1967

Constitution adopted on Swaziland’s transition from a British ‘Protectorate’ to a ‘Protected State’. UK STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS 1967 No. 241 At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 22nd day of February 1967 Present, The Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council Her […]

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