Citizenship of Zambia Act No 26 of 1975, as amended to 1994

Published: 4/Mar/1977

Entry into force 4th March 1977. Establishes the Zambia Citizenship Board, provides for acquisition of citizenship by adoption and registration, and for deprivation and renunciation of citizenship. Scan includes the Zambia Citizenship Regulations SI 56 of 1977. Repeals the Citizenship […]

Western Sahara: Advisory Opinion of 16 October 1975

Published: 16/Oct/1975
Source: International Court of Justice

Overview of the case On 13 December 1974, the General Assembly requested an advisory opinion on the following questions : “I. Was Western Sahara (Rio de Oro and Sakiet El Hamra) at the time of colonization by Spain a territory […]

Swaziland Citizenship Regulations 1975

Published: 12/Apr/1975

1. Citation. These regulations may be cited as the Citizenship Regulations, 1975. 2. Prescription of application forms. The forms, set out I the first Schedule hereto are prescribed to be the forms to be completed by a person applying for […]

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