Zimbabwe: National Registration Act 1976, as amended 2001

Published: 10/Sep/2002

Laws of Zimbabwe Chapter 10:17; Act 36/1976, amended by Act 41/1978 (s. 41), 17/1979 (s. 16), 1/1984, 14/1994, 22/2001 Entry into force 24 September 1976; most recent amendments by the Criminal Penalties Amendment Act No. 22 of 2001, entered into […]

Sierra Leone Citizenship (Amendment) Act No.13 of 1976

Published: 26/Aug/1976

Amending the naturalisation provisions of the Citizenship Act of 1973 to differentiate between those of “negro African descent” and others; and the definition of “native” in the Interpretation Act of 1971. Download: Sierra Leone Citizenship Amendment Act no 13 1976

Constitution of Seychelles, 1976

Published: 29/Jun/1976

Annex to the Seychelles Independence Order 1976/894 (from p.2258 of the PDF) Chapter II (Articles 4-11) provides rules on acquisition of citizenship for those born before and after independence day. Download (18MB) : Seychelles Independence Constitution 1976  

Recent Changes in Nigerian Nationality and Citizenship Law

Published: 3/Apr/1976
Source: International and Comparative Law Quarterly

E. I. Nwogugu (1976). “Recent Changes in Nigerian Nationality and Citizenship Law”, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 25, pp 423-439. Outline of history of citizenship law in Nigeria, and changes since independence in 1960, especially the Constitution (Amendment) Decree of […]

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