Ghana Children’s Act 1998

Published: 30/Dec/1998

File: Ghana Children’s Act 1998 The act holds that no child shall be deprived of the right to acquire a nationality from birth (Section 4). The Act states that each parent shall be responsible for the registration of the birth […]

Cultivating citizenship through xenophobia in Gabon, 1960-1995

Published: 1/Dec/1998
Source: Africa Today

By Christopher J Gray, Africa Today, Jul-Dec 1998; Vol.45, Nos.3/4 Article argues that mob violence against foreign populations “has provided the critical ingredient in the formation of Gabonese ideas of citizenship”. Link to Africa Today on JSTOR.

CRC Rapports initiaux: République Centrafricaine 1998

Published: 18/Nov/1998
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

CRC/C/11/Add.18. (State Party Report) Examen des Rapports Préséntés par les États Parties en Application de l’Article 44 de la Convention Rapports initiaux des États parties devant être soumis en 1994 République Centraficaine Le droit pour tout enfant né en République […]

Tanzania has granted citizenship to more than 1,000 foreigners

Published: 11/Nov/1998
Source: Xinhua

Xinhua (Dar es Salaam 11/11/1998) reports that Tanzania has granted citizenship to more than 1,000 foreigners from 33 countries over the past four years, with the majority of them from Burundi, Deputy Home Affairs Minister John Mgeja said Wednesday. Since […]

Mozambique: New constitution to reduce presidential powers

Published: 20/Oct/1998
Source: Agência de Informação de Moçambique (AIM)

Draft constitutional amendments, produced by an ad-hoc committee of Mozambique’s parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, envisage substantial changes in the country’s political system, with a reduction in presidential powers and an increase in those of the prime minister, and […]

Uganda: Reconsider dual nationality issue

Published: 21/Sep/1998
Source: The Monitor (Kampala)

By Dr. Muniini K. Mulera In Toronto Kampala — One of the consequences of Uganda’s post-independence insecurity was the forced migration of Ugandan citizens to distant lands around the globe. While the number of Ugandan emigres is not available, they […]

Constitution of the Republic of Sudan 1998

Published: 1/Jul/1998

Extract: Article 22 Nationality Everyone born of a Sudanese mother or father has the inalienable right to Sudanese nationality, its duties, and obligations. Everyone who has lived in Sudan during their youth or who has been resident in Sudan for […]

Swaziland Identification Bill 1998

Published: 22/Jun/1998

[Believed to be adopted as Identification Act No.4 of 1998] The object of this Bill is to provide for compilation and maintenance of a population register in respect of the population of Swaziland; for the issuance of identity documents to […]

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