Counting as citizens: Recognition of the Nubians in the 2009 Kenyan census

Published: 17/May/2011
Source: Ethnopolitics

Samantha Balaton-Chrimes, “Counting as Citizens: Recognition of the Nubians in the 2009 Kenyan census”, Ethnopolitics 2011, Vol.10, No.2, pp 205-218. Abstract: This article uses the case of the Nubians in Kenya as an ethnic minority, and the 2009 Kenyan census […]

Abyei Area Referendum Act 2009

Published: 25/Apr/2010

Voter’s Eligibility 24. A voter shall be a resident of Abyei Area according to Article 6(1) of Abyei Area Protocol namely: (a) Members of Ngoc Dinka Community; (b) Other Sudanese residing in Abyei Area in accordance with the criteria of […]

Southern Sudan Referendum Act 2009

Published: 21/Feb/2010

Voter’s Eligibility 25. The voter shall meet the following conditions: 1) Born to parents both or one of them belonging to one of the indigenous communities that settled in Southern Sudan on or before the 1st of January 1956, or […]

Double nationalité : Le législateur mauritanien autorise la double nationalité

Published: 26/Dec/2009
Source: Cridem (Carrefour de la République Islamique de Mauritanie)

La loi 61 112 du 2 juin 1961 privait, automatiquement, de sa nationalité, tout mauritanien titulaire par naturalisation d’une nationalité étrangère. L’assemblée nationale mauritanienne, réuni en plénière vendredi 25 décembre, a abrogé la disposition rendant impossible la double nationalité. L’article […]

Sahrawi human rights activist returns home after hunger strike

Published: 18/Dec/2009
Source: Amnesty International

Amnesty International has welcomed the news that Aminatou Haidar, a Sahrawi human rights activist who has spent the past month on hunger strike in Lanzarote airport, has returned home and been reunited with her children. Aminatou Haidar said that she […]

Secretary General’s report on human rights and arbitrary deprivation of nationality

Published: 14/Dec/2009
Source: UN General Assembly

A/HRC/13/3 The present report recalls the legal framework applicable to the right to nationality and  addresses  the  issue  of  the  prohibition  of  arbitrary  deprivation  of  nationality.  It  emphasizes  that  States  have  an  obligation  to  implement  fully  the  principle  of  non-discrimination,  […]

Citizenship and land: a potent relationship

Published: 14/Dec/2009
Source: African Arguments

By Lucy Hovil Recent research in Burundi on the repatriation of refugees has highlighted the strong link between land and citizenship. The research (“Two People Can’t Share the Same Pair of Shoes: Citizenship, Land and the Return of Refugees to […]

Foreign husbands can now get citizenship

Published: 11/Dec/2009
Source: The Nation (Kenya)

Kenyan women will be able to secure citizenship for their foreign husbands if the harmonised draft constitution is enacted. The draft says this includes those who are already married. The men will only secure citizenship if they have been married […]

Uganda Citizenship Regulations, 2009

Published: 4/Dec/2009

Establishing procedures for registration of citizenship, including by an adopted child, and for permission to hold dual citizenship. Download: Uganda Citizenship Regulations 2009 (draft) As published in the Government Gazette (SI 2009 No.63): Uganda Citizenship Regulations (scan: 2MB)

Tanzania Law of the Child Act No.21 of 2009

Published: 20/Nov/2009

An Act to provide for reform and consolidation of laws relating to children, to stipulate rights of the child and to promote, protect and maintain the welfare of a child with a view to giving effect to international and regional […]

Namibia: Children’s right to citizenship

Published: 20/Nov/2009
Source: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

By Faith Chipepera and Katharina G Ruppel-Schlichting “The aim of this paper is to determine how children form part of Namibian citizenry: for example, in what ways do children acquire such status? What requirements need to be met before they […]

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