UNHCR Discussion Paper on Nationality Issues in Sudan and South Sudan

Published: 31/Dec/2011
Source: UNHCR

The United Nations General Assembly has entrusted UNHCR with a global mandate to protect stateless persons, and to prevent and reduce statelessness1. This mandate includes the UNHCR’s responsibility for providing legal advice on the two international Conventions addressing statelessness, namely […]

South Sudan Nationality Regulations 2011

Published: 29/Dec/2011

General Procedures for all Nationality and Naturalization Certificates: Inquiry and Standard of Proof (22) The Issuing Authority inquires into the facts relating to an application. (23) The responsibility to adduce sufficient evidence to support the application remains primarily with the […]

Ending slavery in Mauritania needs deeper engagement

Published: 20/Dec/2011
Source: Open Society Foundations

By Julia Harrington Reddy Slavery in Mauritania is not what most people envision when they hear the word. There are no slave markets; people are not bought and sold (although they may be lent out or rented). Most slaves are […]

567 resume Botswana citizenship

Published: 19/Dec/2011
Source: Mmegi (Gaborone)

On Thursday, the minister of Labour and Home Affairs Edwin Batshu said the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has, this year, approved 567 applications from people wishing to resume their Botswana citizenship. By GOTHATAONE MOENG He said in 2010, the […]

Citizenship and state succession in the Sudans

Published: 19/Dec/2011
Source: Open Society Foundation

By Bronwen Manby On July 9, 2011, the Republic of South Sudan became Africa’s newest independent state. Among the many issues that were supposed to have been resolved before the formal secession of the new state—in fact, before the January […]

The Politics of Home: Dual Citizenship and the African Diaspora

Published: 1/Dec/2011
Source: International Migration Review

Beth Elise Whitaker Volume: 45 issue: 4, 2011, pp.755-783 Abstract In recent decades, more countries have started to recognize dual citizenship. Although overlooked in the literature, Africa is part of this trend with more than half of its governments now […]

Botswana: Khama is not a foreigner – Nasha

Published: 29/Nov/2011
Source: Mmegi (Gaborone)

By NELSON DIRENG The Speaker of the National Assembly Margaret Nasha came to President Ian Khama’s rescue as opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) demanded to know whether it is true that Khama enjoys dual citizenship – these being Botswana and […]

New policy on Egyptian citizenship for children of Palestinian fathers

Published: 24/Nov/2011
Source: Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT)

By Gianluca P. Parolin, EUDO Citizenship expert for Egypt Arab state authorities have quite consistently refused to naturalise Palestinians or their offspring in a move to allegedly protect Palestinian identity from vanishing with full integration in the host countries, often against […]

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