CRC: State Report of Morocco, 2013

Published: 5/Aug/2013
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Third and fourth periodic reports of States parties due in 2009: Morocco [submitted 30 May 2012] CRC/C/MAR/3-4 The registration of births 85. The registration of births in Morocco is a statutory requirement for the parents under the Criminal Code (art. […]

Zambia begins granting Angolan refugees permanent residency

Published: 31/Dec/2012
Source: UNHCR

By Mohammed Abu Asaker, ed. Leo Dobbs LUSAKA, Zambia, 31 December – Jose Pinto, a refugee for 33 years, can now call Zambia his permanent home after he and his family became the first former Angolan refugees to be granted permanent […]

South Sudan accuses Sudan of “rounding up” its nationals in Darfur

Published: 30/Dec/2012
Source: Sudan Tribune

South Sudan accused the Sudanese government Monday of “rounding up” its nationals living in the troubled western region of Darfur, which shares a direct border with the South’s Western and Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. Juba made the allegation in […]

Naturalisation : Pas facile de devenir Mauritanien

Published: 23/Dec/2012
Source: Mauritanités (http://medseib.mondoblog.org)

Par Sneiba Mohamed Nous faisons toujours du tort aux autres, nous ne faisons pas attention aux nombreux domaines où la critique portée sur eux est également valable pour nous. Cette remarque s’est imposée à moi, quand, au détour d’une question […]

CRC Concluding Observations: Liberia, 2012

Published: 13/Dec/2012
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

CRC/C/LBR/CO/2-4 Concluding observations on the combined second to fourth periodic reports of Liberia, adopted by the Committee at its sixty-first session (17 September-5 October 2012) Name and nationality 41. The Committee regrets that, despite its previous recommendation, the granting of […]

Acquisition, Retention and Change of Ethiopian Nationality

Published: 6/Dec/2012
Source: Permanent Mission of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the UN Office at Geneva

Response to UNHCR note on discrimination against women in nationality-related matters. Download: Ethiopian govt statement on nationality + sex discrimination 2012

Will Oman welcome home its stateless people in Burundi?

Published: 4/Dec/2012
Source: Agence France Presse

RUMONGE, Burundi (AFP) It was about a century ago when Sultan Salum’s ancestors left Oman for the east African spice island of Zanzibar, before setting off westward into the interior for Burundi. But while the exact date of his forebears’s […]

Marital equality law sparks controversy

Published: 4/Dec/2012
Source: IRIN

The adoption by Côte d’Ivoire’s parliament of a law on equality between legally married couples has sparked anger, especially among religious people. For them, this law will create more problems in the home than it will solve. Read more.

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