Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act No 11 of 2011, as amended to 2019

Published: 11/Nov/2019

Act No. 12 of 2011, as amended by Act No. 12 of 2012, Act No. 19 of 2014, Act No. 25 of 2015, Act No. 11 of 2017, and Act No.24 of 2019. Download updated integrated text from KenyaLaw: http://kenyalaw.org:8181/exist/kenyalex/actview.xql?actid=CAP.%20170 […]

SATUCC Conducts Two National Workshops on Preventing Statelessness and Protecting Rights of Stateless Persons in South Africa

Published: 31/Dec/2017
Source: Southern African Trade Union Co-ordination Council

SATUCC in collaboration with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF), and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Regional Representation for Southern Africa (UNHCR ROSA), conducted two national workshops on Preventing Statelessness and Protecting Stateless Persons in South Africa. These workshops were […]

Blocked from Europe, migrants settle in Morocco

Published: 27/Dec/2017
Source: Arab News / AFP

RABAT: Unable to reach Europe in search of a better life, Aliou Ndiaye settled in Morocco instead, giving up on his original goal like thousands of other sub-Saharan African migrants. […] Despite Morocco’s new migration policies and the kingdom’s efforts […]

Comoros seeks US, Interpol help to vet buyers of Comoros passports

Published: 27/Dec/2017
Source: Reuters

By Ali Amir Ahmed MORONI (Reuters) – The Comoros government has asked Interpol and the U.S. authorities for information related to foreigners, including two people accused of breaking sanctions on Iran, who have bought the country’s passports to facilitate their […]

Zimbabwe: RG’s Office issues 680 000 documents

Published: 25/Dec/2017
Source: The Herald

The Registrar General’s Office has issued over 680 000 identity documents over the past three months through the ongoing national mobile registration exercise and the programme will continue over the festive season. The programme, which initially was supposed to end […]

Swaziland Refugees Act No.15 of 2017

Published: 22/Dec/2017

Section 20: (1) Section 4 (3) of this Act does not apply to a refugee who is able to invoke compelling reasons arising out of previous persecution for refusing to avail oneself of the protection of the country of nationality […]

Special Report: How to make millions selling passports to Africa

Published: 22/Dec/2017
Source: Reuters

By David Lewis, Philippe Engels MORONI, Comoros Islands/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – In the tiny nation of the Comoros Islands, lying off the east coast of Africa, Albert Karaziwan is a big man – even though he doesn’t live there. He’s been […]

UNHCR Campaign to End Statelessness Update December 2017

Published: 21/Dec/2017
Source: UNHCR

Updates from the UNHCR #IBelong campaign, including (extracts): On 16 October, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the twelve Member States of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region Member States (ICGLR) gathered in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, […]

Parliament to Discuss Naturalization of Moroccan Women’s Foreign Spouses

Published: 20/Dec/2017
Source: North Africa Post

The parliament majority bloc has submitted a draft law providing for granting Moroccan nationality to foreign spouses of Moroccan women. The draft amends the provisions of Article 10 of the nationality law, which grants Moroccan nationality only to a foreign […]

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