Jonathan Moyo on Zimbabwe “Passport Stop List”… More “Blacklisted” names revealed

Published: 6/Sep/2018
Source: ZWNews

By Charles Mabhena

Former Information Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said Thursday he was shocked that Zimbabwe had a “Stop List” which was being used by the Registrar General to refuse to issue passports to Zimbabwean citizens.

Journalist Violet Gonda, who used to work for SW Radio Africa in London, discovered the existence of the list after applying for a three-day passport in Harare, only to be turned down after her application was marked “S/L”.

Upon enquiring what S/L means, she was advised that it meant “Stop List” as her name had been red-flagged since 2002.

Gonda told that she had received unsolicited explanations from some government officials who suggested Prof Moyo – now exiled after a military coup that ousted former President Robert Mugabe last November – may have been behind her entry on the blacklist.

But Prof Moyo said he was hearing about the list for the first time.

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